Steel Festival Poster


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14" x 18" - Limited Edition Offset Litho Print
edition size - 500

I was asked by The Steelworkers' Archives, to create a limited edition poster for the "Bethlehem Historic & Cultural Festival", an event to celebrate and recognize the heritage that was produced by the Bethlehem Steel and it's workers.

Have a look at The Anatomy of the Poster for specific descriptions of the workers.

I used eleven different images. Almost all of the images in this drawing are of actual steelworkers. Some are as current as the past ten years, and some are from the early 1900's. Take note that some workers aren't wearing hardhats or protective gear... only cloth caps, overalls and the shirts on their backs.

There are two people in the drawing that were not steelworkers. The first is my son, Dave Jr, who can be found at the top right corner holding a sledge hammer. He modeled for me as a representation of all the young men who never got their chance to work at The Steel, as their fathers did.

The second is the man on the left who's image is coming from one of the stacks. He was a miner. He wass also my best friend's father who passed away nearly thirty years ago. My friend Gary Stahler was left with only two pictures of his father. Thisimage was drawn from one of them.


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