Have you ever wanted to watch an artist work?
...to watch the entire creation process of a drawing or painting come to life?

I am a member of Wetcanvas, the largest online artist communities on the Internet. Over the past year or so, I've posted several "Works in Progress" (WIP) threads in the Pen & Ink forum (under the user name of artistdbs).


The interesting thing about WIP threads is, not only do you get the opportunity to see artists post progessions of their work as they complete it, but you get to read the suggestions, comments and reactions of fellow artists from around the world. The entire Wetcanvas site is a very cool place that demonstrates, through the eyes of the artists themselves, how friendly the world of art really is.

Click on one of the images below to open a WIP thread in a new window

Click here for City Block WIP
Click here for Christmas Sphere WIP  
  Click here for Tannery WIP  
  Click here for Waterworks WIP  

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