Find the Golden Key on my site
and win a free print!

Simply by browsing on my site,
you can win a hand-signed print from

The Bethlehem Steel Series

Stacks from the Past

How to play:

I've hidden an invisible link somewhere on my site. The first one to find it is the winner. It's basically that simple.

However, the link is completely hidden; it could be in the middle of an image, in the middle of a paragraph.. it could be anywhere on any page!
The only way you'll see it is if you inadvertantly mouse over it.

When you click on the hidden link, it'll open a new window and you'll find

The Golden Key

There will also be an email link containing a code word.
The first person to click the link to email me is the winner!

Keep in mind that my site currently has over 200 pages
and it's growing all the time!

When one contest ends, another will begin.

Note: I did not place the link on a page
that is only accessible by completing a form


In the event more than one person finds the link on the same day,
I will determine the winner based on the time the emails are recieved.


copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.