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The Very Best
Free Software available on the web!

Out of my own personal curiosity (along with a cable connection and a large hard drive), I have done extensive downloading of hundreds of different programs. If it was free, I tried it! As you may or may not know, much of the so-called freeware that's available is either laced with spyware, takes over the resources of your computer, or simply doesn't work very well. This list is my way of saving you a lot of time and trouble by providing you with what I consider to be the best programs I've found.







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The programs listed below are absolutely free to use (for personal use) and contain no spyware or adware. And although some of the authors request donations, the most you have to do (for a few of them) is to register for free.





This is an outstanding anti-virus program that I personally use. I can't believe it's free! (for home users; free registration is required for free updates) I stongly suggest you give this one a try. I used to use Norton, but got tired of paying the yearly fee and having Norton assume control of my pc. Once I tried AVG, I was hooked for life!   DOWNLOAD SITE
If you are currently going online without a firewall, you have no idea how many intrusions you are encountering. Most of the intrusions are not harmless, but it's the few harmful ones that create concern. ZoneAlarm not only stops hackers and other unknown threats from getting into your PC, but it also controls which programs on your pc communicate with the internet (including spyware and malware). It puts you in complete control as to what programs may have access to the internet.

Most firewalls are very confusing, but ZoneAlarm is very easy to use. A little window pops up and asks if you want to allow "Microsoft Word" (or other program) to access the internet. You simply click yes or no, with the option of "don't ask me again". ZoneAlarm is free for personal use (please read their policy). I strongly recommend this program to anyone who goes online.   
Spybot Search & Destroy will detect and remove adware, spyware, and various other types of malware. You can read more about spyware on the Spybot S&D site. I strongly recommend this program for anyone who goes online.   DOWNLOAD SITE
Similar to Spybot S&D, this provides protection from known data-mining, aggressive advertising, Trojans, dialers, malware, browser hijackers, and tracking components. This will find things that Spybot does not, and vice-versa. I strongly recommend this for anyone who goes online.   DOWNLOAD SITE
Unlike Spybot and Adaware, this program prevents the installation of spyware and other unwanted software. This is free to use; they request donations. I strongly recommend this for anyone who goes online.   DOWNLOAD SITE
Empty Temp Folders is a completely free program that allows you to find and delete a large selection of temporary files left laying around on your pc. You can also empty the clipboard and find/delete broken shortcuts. It will also clean up your temporary internet folders, browser history, cookies, and more. If you think Windows properly cleans up your pc by using the "disk clean-up utility"... guess again.   DOWNLOAD SITE
Free professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program. This program will tell you everything you ever need to know about your pc, from what kind of RAM you have, to what brand cr-rom you have, to what programs are starting up with Windows. This program is fun for beginners, and a must have for advanced users.   DOWNLOAD SITE
Everywhere you turn these days, you see a different type of pop-up stopper. In fact many browsers have pop-up killers pre-installed. The problem is that many of them don't work, or they're hard to figure out. If you're in need of a good pop-up killer.. Pop-Up Stopper® Free Edition is a great, easy-to-use consideration. (supports Internet Explorer, Netscape & Mozilla only)    DOWNLOAD SITE


This is an awesome file recovery program specifically for recovering pictures and videos that were deleted from your camera's memory card. I tested this using an old 64 Mb SD memory card, and it found nearly 40 pictures, some of which were from 2 years earlier. If you thought all was lost when your vacation pictures disappeared, here is your solution!   DOWNLOAD SITE

This is a similar progam to the one listed above but will recover data from hard drives. This is a great little program that runs as a stand-alone application (you don't have to install it). You can even run it from a floppy disk. I reccomend this for anyone who accidentally deleted a file and desperately needs it back.    DOWNLOAD SITE

Freeware program for previewing & managing fonts. If you've ever had a hard time deciding what font to use for a project, then this is for you! You can preview all the fonts on your pc quickly and easily. You can set the size and specify the text to be previewed. Among many other features, you can sort fonts by style, install & un-install fonts, and create font "groups". Have you ever worked on a project and later forgot what fonts you used? You can create a "group" named, for example, "Aunt Sally's Birthday card" and add the different fonts you used. Later on, you can go back and reference what fonts were used. Take my word for it, this is going to be one of those programs that you won't know what you did without.    DOWNLOAD SITE

Free program to create lists of folders, harddrives, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, etc. You can export the list as a database file or a text file. For example, you could create a text file of your "photos" folder which has 5000 files inside 46 subfolders. You could print out the text file and have a list of all your photos in alphabetical order.   DOWNLOAD SITE

Free duplicate file cleanup tool. This will search through specified drives or folders and will find & delete duplicate files.. even if they've been renamed. This is a great program if you do a lot of downloading.   DOWNLOAD SITE

Free program to split large files in order to move them via CD, floppy disk, via E-mail, etc. Once at the destination pc, they can easily be put back together by the recipient. This is a great program if you need to e-mail files larger than your ISP allows.   DOWNLOAD SITE


IrfanView is one of my favorite and most used graphic programs. It does everything from enhance images, to create slideshows & screensavers. It will view or play music, movies, pictures, and documents. It even has a great print preview feature. It's very small and doesn't use up much of your PC's resources like my other graphics programs do. And the quality of image it produces is top rate; I used Irfanview to resize optimize all the artwork images on this website. I could go on and on about this one.. just check out the download page; you can read more there. I highly recommend this program.   DOWNLOAD SITE

Free Graphic Design and Vector Drawing Software. This is a great program that will introduce you to vector graphics. (which, among other things, gives you the ability to warp text) You can create both pictures and animations. It'll take some learning on your part, but it comes with a great tutorial (found in the "help" menu). Free registration is required.   DOWNLOAD SITE

Free Image and Photo Editing Software. This is an amazing program. I can't believe it's free! It has a ton of features and cool effects. It's straight-forward and very easy to use. I highly recommend this program for anyone with a digital camera or scanner. Free registration required.   DOWNLOAD SITE

Free 3D Animation and Modeling Software. I haven't had much experience with this program, but like most 3D software, it requires a good deal of learning. Free registration required.   DOWNLOAD SITE






If you've ever wanted or needed to edit music or audio, then this one is for you. You can record/import music and audio, edit & enhance it, and export it into mp3 files. You can convert casette tapes and albums into MP3s and burn them to CDs, create your own mixes of music, or make your own sound effects. Years ago, I used a tape recorder to capture my two sons while they were playing. I used this program to make a cd from the casette tape. I also used this to remove the narration from Peter & the Wolf. This program is easy to use and is a lot of fun.    DOWNLOAD SITE


This is the best, easiest program you will ever find for listening to streaming internet radio. What's that?.. you don't listen to internet radio? That's probably because you don't have this program! You don't need any skills other than choosing a station from the preset list it generates. Whether you're in the mood for old Motown, 70's music, Classical, Techno, Reggae.. the list goes on and on! And the cool thing about internet radio.. no commercials!!! Which brings me to another cool feature of.. you can record the streaming music to your pc in MP3 format.     DOWNLOAD SITE


This is the absolute best program in the universe for playing MP3s on your pc. I wouldn't even recommend a newer version of Winamp.. it must be version 2.81. Why?.. because it's the easiest to use, it doesn't take over your pc and constantly try to access the internet, and it has the very best plugins & skins available.   DOWNLOAD SITE


Whether you are familiar with visualizations or not.. be prepared to be blown away. This visualization is absolutely mesmorizing. It's a “wireframe-based” visualization that distinguishes itself with it's visual reactivity to your music with 190 different effects morphing into one another creating an ever-changing scene that'll keep you from your chores and responsibilities for hours at a time! Even if you don't take my advice to use Winamp 2.8, this is available for iTunes, jetAudio, J. River Media Center, MediaMonkey, Musicmatch, Quintessential Player, Real Player, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and XMPlay. The Macintosh version only supports iTunes. I strongly recommend this for anyone who listens to music on the pc.   DOWNLOAD SITE

Winamp plugin

This is a really cool Winamp plugin that will increase the quality of sound of your music. There are a ton of presets or you can save your own configurations. I strongly recommend this for anyone who listens to music in Winamp.   

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