Volume 2 - Issue 2
October 19, 2005

In This Issue:

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Hello Friends..

Welcome to the latest issue of my newsletter. And when I say "latest", I don't mean the most recent.. I literally mean the latest; I intended on getting this issue out a few months ago!

I began to see a pattern develop with the completion (or should I say "lack of completion") of these newsletters, as they seem to have taken a back seat to my artwork and a few other projects. I believe the reason for this, in part, was due to the excessive amount of time it takes to accumulate enough material for all of the "regular features". I've finished two drawings since my last edition, but haven't had any other material to accompany it.

In order to solve this dilema, I've decided to shorten my newsletter (when needed), and only include content that is relevent at the time. Therefore, my regular features will now be surprise appearances. And hopefully I will be able to keep you all more up to date with my artwork.

So.. without further ado, here is my next issue.

I hope you enjoy my efforts.

- David B Sullivan

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Artwork Unvieling

"Historic Bethlehem Series"

click here for larger image

"The Waterworks "

medium - pen & ink
aprox. image size
- 8" x 10"
aprox. drawing time: 50 hours

This is another of the buildings I'm forunate to have "right in my own back yard". Built in 1762, The Waterworks is recognized as the first pumped municipal water system in the American colonies, and is one of Bethlehem's premiere attractions.

Prints are available!

Each Waterworks print is hand-signed and comes complete with acid-free matting and backing (as pictured below).. ready to drop into a standard 11 x 14 frame.

Waterworks Print

11 x 14 - $45.00 + $10 S/H*

contact me for more information

"Escherism Series"


"City Block "

medium - pen & ink/pencil
image size
- 6" x 9"
aprox. drawing time: 90 hours

This drawing is the first "Escheristic" piece I've done in many years. For those of you unfamiliar with my coined term, Escherism.. it's an artistic style/genre based on the work of Dutch graphic artist, MC Escher. The above example intigrates various mathematical, yet artistic principles to create illusions and "impossibilities"

Here is a close-up to provide an example of one of the physical impossibilities that were achieved. Look at the four buildings in the bottom left corner; the tallest building is between two buildings that are directly next to one another. These "impossibilities" are hidden throughout the drawing.

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Website Updates


As with this newsletter, my website fell victim to my lack of time, but I've managed to complete a few things. Please enjoy them and wish me luck with providing more content soon!

Additions to my site since last issue

Newsletter editions

This seemed like a good place to start, since they were already done. I've reformatted them, and edited them just a bit.

They can be found here.

Jigsaw Puzzles

I've provided you with several jigsaw puzzles featuring my artwork and Bethlehem Steel photos that you can download and save to your pc..
so you can play anytime you like while being offline.
They're gobs of fun, and they're only 300 Kb download (aprox.)
- I believe modem users should have fun, too!

Puzzles can be found here.



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