Christmas Eve


On Christmas Eve, upon the floor, sat little Joey’s dad,
Twas such a night of peace and grace, so why was dad so mad?
You see, the night was getting late and dear ol’ dad was tired,
yet still had one of Joey’s gifts…assembly was required,

The instruction book unfolded like a map across the floor,
spreading from the sofa, past the tree and by the door,
He studied the instructions full of diagrams and charts,
explaining how to piece together sixteen thousand parts,

“Attach part X to section Y, then glue to pivot 2,
Push A into B, slide Q into R, then secure it with a screw,
Align the sprocket with the gear then twist it till it drops,
rotating the assembly counterclockwise till it stops,

He pieced and glued and bolted and screwed despite his lack of rest,
Joey’s dad trudged on and tried to do his very best,
But Dad gave in to “Mr. Sleep” and fell upon the floor,
Within a couple seconds Joey’s dad began to snore,

He woke up hours later on that Blessed Christmas Morn,
wiped the drool from off his cheek and yawned a hearty yawn,
He rubbed his baggy, bloodshot eyes…scratched his head and smiled,
and saw a Christmas miracle performed by his own child,

It seemed that little Joey found his gift was incomplete,
so he put it all together, at age six that’s quite a feat,
Joey’s dad just sat there smiling, not a thing to say,
He just received his “best-est present” on that Christmas Day.


~ Dr. Goose ~



copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.