Molly McCall


Molly McCall made her way to the mall,
They were having a sale on fashions for fall,
She went late in the day, and to Molly’s dismay,
When she got there the only clothes left were “display”,

But she needed to splurge, Molly had that strong urge,
So she browsed in the hopes something nice would emerge,
She let out a sigh, nearly started to cry,
when a cute little skirt on the wall caught her eye,

Molly tried on the skirt, squeezed it on though it hurt,
Then she blamed the poor fit on her love for dessert,
It was clearly too small, didn’t fit her at all,
But she bought that cute skirt that she found on the wall,

Soon back at her house, she explained to her spouse,
“I bought it to match my new lavender blouse.”
He just sat in his chair, gave his wife a blank stare,
“You actually bought something you can’t even wear?”

She responded to him, “I’ll just go join a gym!
And in no time at all I will be fit and trim!”
His legs were uncrossed, now the newspaper tossed,
leaning forward he asked her, “How much will this cost?”

Her mind seemed to wander, she stood there and pondered,
He tried to explain how much money she squandered,
Though his face had turned red, she ignored what he said,
And she started to walk out the front door instead,

“I’ll be right back, dear, you have nothing to fear,
If I’m joining a gym, I’ll need something to wear.”
He ran down the hall, couldn’t catch her at all,
She got in her car and drove back to the mall.


~ Dr. Goose ~



copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.