Peter Pritchard


Peter Pritchard had a problem with procrastination,
He waited till the bitter end to start his presentation,
At 4:00 am, the morning of his meeting with “The Board”
He sat at his computer that for weeks he had ignored,

He had to give a presentation to “The Board” at nine
If he failed it meant that his career was on the line,
He cursed himself and thought, “I should’ve had this done last week,
Now the clock was nearing 5:00 and things looked rather bleak,

Throughout his life he borrowed time…borrow, borrow, borrow,
His motto was, “Don’t do today what I can do tomorrow”,
From car inspections, keeping house, cleaning coffee spills,
Always late with tax returns and paying all his bills,

He’d made himself a promise, maybe sometime back in May,
That he would not procrastinate and do things right away,
“Well this is it!” he told himself, “I’ll never wait again”,
“Please help me, Lord, get through this mess just one last time, amen”,

The next few hours, Peter Pritchard trudged through muck and mire,
Twas getting close at seven bells, his fingers moved like fire,
From in his head, ideas poured…a miracle, somehow,
At 8 o:clock he finished and he wiped his sweaty brow,

Showered, shaved, some eyedrops too... a suit, a tie, a hat,
He hopped into his car and sped to work twelve minutes flat,
He got there right at nine o’clock... addressed the group at hand,
And gave his presentation... the best in all the land,

Congratulations, handshakes, and some pats upon the back,
Peter Pritchard felt that his career was back on track,
He pulled it off this one last time, but wasn’t yet quite done,
Mr. Gibbs had one small change, and need it by one,

The boardroom cleared, left Peter Pritchard standing all alone,
The conference table…empty…with just a single phone,
“I’ll rest before I make this change, I haven’t much to do”,
He slept upon the conference table…didn’t wake till two.


~ Dr. Goose ~



copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.