The Phone Call


Lester grabbed his briefcase, calmly headed out for home,
His exit stopped abruptly by the ringing of the phone,
“Hello,” he said and scratched his head, and heard his wife’s request,
“I’m glad I caught you, Lester dear, I hate to be a pest,

“I need a couple things so would you please stop by the store,
it’ll just take you a minute...okay, maybe three or four”,
“Just a second,” Lester said and quickly found a pen,
He grabbed a piece of paper asking, ”What was that again?”

“A quart of milk, a dozen eggs, some breadsticks would be nice,
And while you’re there you’ll need to get a ten pound bag of rice,
A head of lettuce, carrots, and a jar of applesauce,
pancake mix, spaghetti, and some spearmint dental floss,

“Garbage bags, a turkey, pound of coffee…freshly ground,
frozen bagels, dish detergent…getting all this down?
…plastic wrap, asparagus, some pickles and tomatoes,
a side of beef, some toothpicks and some Idaho potatoes,

“I need some pads, not maxis, but the minis with the wings,
laundry soap, some light bulbs and a box of Choco-dings,
toilet paper, ketchup, half a dozen sirloin steaks,
a couple cans of housepaint and a box of Frosted Flakes,”…

The room began to spin and Lester fainted to the floor,
He woke a minute later mumbling something ‘bout a store,
“Lester are you there?” his wife was yelling through the phone,
Lester hung up the receiver…calmly headed out for home.


~ Dr. Goose ~



copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.