Apathy in Motion                   

Wandering on the path of destination,
Searching for tomorrow from today,
Never realizing expectations,
of what my life will be like yesterday,

My eyes no longer speak, they don't remember,
Bewilderment, it clutters up my mind,
Overlooking visions of my childhood,
Growing up to see what I could find,

Discovering a world of blind ambition,
I saw a man who's wisdom was absurd,
He spoke, and yet I didn't understand him,
He spoke a foreign tongue I've never heard,

He used his only hand (the other was no longer there),
And placed it on the flesh that covered passion and despair,
His eyes looked up, his knees gave out, he uttered not a sound,
With mild grace and dignity, his body kissed the ground,

A youthful being of innocence with ignorance in hand,
quickly searched for reasons, why this person did not stand,
He looked at me through tears that started falling to the ground,
The poor old man just lied there, with nobody around.

Guilt posessed his youthful eyes of innocence,
A morbid voice emerging in reverse,
The child raised his arms and flames engulfed him,
He left me in a silent universe,

Everyone had vanished, they left me all alone,
Crying in the darkness, I am very far from home,
No one sees the pain inflicted deep within my soul,
As no one cares about the man... not anyone at all.
~ DB Sullivan


copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.