If Everything Were Wrong


What would it be like
                if everything were wrong,
If blackbirds were white
                and short things were long,

You would have to tell the clock
                what time of day it was,
And bells would ring no longer,
                but give a raspy buzz,

A sunset in the morning,
                a sunrise in the night,
beautiful is ugly,
                dark is really light,

Good is really evil,
                and evil's really good,
Truly understanding things
                is being understood,

Fast is going slow,
                the strong are truly weak,
Doctors try to execute,
                 searchers do not seek

Magic is the truth,
                 and truth is but a lie,
Joy and happiness is what
                we'd feel when loved ones die,

People walking as they sleep,
                they live their life in bed,
No one's really breathing,
                everybody's dead,

Reality and fantasy,
                combined with great despair
To live this way, it could not be...
                we wouldn't have a prayer.


                                ~ DB Sullivan ~


copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.