Mind of a Madman

Traveling through thoughts, it's a long way to go,
To reach outer limits, my mind will not know,
My vision is blurred, all sound has gone dead,
Except for the voices inside of my head,

I see many visions, they pass through my eyes,
These visions that pass whisper torturous cries,
My mind, it will crumble and suffer disease,
Unless I respond, and answer their pleas,

Their pleas being questions.. I'm now forced to try,
The question of madness; I must answer or die,
Alas, it escapes me; the answer.. unknown,
The madness is with me, I'll die all alone,

Ambition is gone and I travel no more,
To reach outer limits, I'm still at the core,
I searched for the truth, but I told them a lie,
to the question of madness, and now I must die.


~ DB Sullivan ~


copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.