The Pauper's Dream

The pauper wants to be a king,
deep within his mind,
He travels to a place
that his reality can't find,

Within his dream, he has a queen,
she shimmers bright with jewels
He owns a castle made of stone,
and three court jester fools,

Knights in shining armour,
trustworhy, brave and bold,
His wealth was never-ending,
with rubies, gems and gold,

But a vision knocks upon his mind,
illusion breaks like glass,
The cold and lonley hours away,
like love and time, they pass,

He doesn't know why he came back,
to a time from now to then,
He journeyed far from in his dream,
he will go back again,

Things are moving backwards,
the bold are growing meak,
The smart are turning ignorant,
the strong are turning weak,

His memory is crumbling,
his mind it will unfold
The pauper, yet again,
he dreams of castles, queens and gold,

Within his lonely, darkened room,
a breeze is in his hair,
He wants his kingdom back again,
he's really quite aware,

Of all the things that are to come,
it's not so hard to seem,
He journeys back to fantasy,
and lives within his dream.



~ DB Sullivan


copyright © 2008 David B Sullivan.  Please read my copyright notice.